Providing an interactive space for students and people working in Leeds Innovation District

Striving for greater collaboration

A meeting and exhibition hub: The idea for the space was to provide an area for students and people working in the Innovation District to gather and relax in a tranquil and visually stimulating environment. A mixture of hard and soft landscaping elements which will serve a better purpose than simply making the space look good. Large areas of planting will double as SuDS development to help combat storm water runoff.

PROJECT TYPE: Urban spatial design

LOCATION: University District / Leeds

SOFTWARES USED: Adobe Photoshop / Adobe InDesign / Lumion / Sketchup

Design Concept

The concept for this design was to create a dynamic space that encourages social collaboration amongst the surrounding professional and student community. Having a flexible exhibition space in the centre will allow students work to be displayed and create a cultural and artistic environment in the heart of the university district.