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Ray Choi




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Washington State University

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Newport High School

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Rhino 3D




  • The objective of this portfolio is to communicate my design process and projects that I have accumulated during my time at Washington State University. This portfolio should express the type of designer that I am based on the projects that I showcase. I want the readers to understand that I am willing to learn along the way and that my creativity in approaching projects can contribute to their firm

  • My main audience are to the general public as well as potential internships and residential architectural firms. I also would like to broaden my network through this portfolio as well

  • In my portfolio I want to mainly show that my ways of thinking and designing is original and creative. If not, I want to show that I am flexible and I can work with any style of architecture that the firm focuses on. Through the design of my portfolio, emphasizing specific drawings, I believe this could be a good way my ideas and thinking process through the portfolio

Ray Choi

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