The project name, "Onev," derives from the Turkish word for "ten houses." The core design concept was to establish ten distinct residences, each with individual entrances to provide residents with a sense of living in a unique single-family home rather than a standard apartment complex. Our primary goal was to offer a luxurious villa-like experience to the residents while simultaneously reducing the typical maintenance costs associated with such properties, including maintenance and security services.

Type and size of real estate

Residential / 2.230 m2

Location and date

Adana/TURKEY 2019

Project status




My responsibilities in this project included:

  • Collaborating closely with the management to design the project

  • Preparing the architectural projects to comply with local regulations and obtain the necessary building permits

  • Developing comprehensive implementation plans

  • Collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to integrate architectural design with technical requirements, such as structural engineering, HVAC, electrical systems, and smart home technology

  • Monitoring and providing support at the construction site to ensure seamless project coordination

  • Collaborating closely with management to develop the interior design of the sample apartment

  • Preparing detailed interior design projects , including designing and preparing implementation projects for custom-made furnitures

  • Creating 3D designs and obtaining high-quality renders for both the exterior and interior of the project

  • Providing comprehensive consulting services along the management to the land developer company, including selection of construction materials, branding, and consultation on the design of project catalogs and other marketing materials

  • With my work experience in this project, I gained a wide range of skills and knowledge through my work, such as project management, coordination, communication, technical proficiency in design software and tools, familiarity with building codes and regulations, construction process management, and teamwork. I also developed an eye for design and a keen sense of attention to detail.

  • Onev got published at Arkitera /Arkiv - Turkey`s biggest digital architectural archive.