DP World Duhok

Project details

DP World Duhok is a dry port project located in Iraq that has three phases. Our office was responsible for the start-up phase, where we, as an architecture team, led the effort to assemble and lead an engineer team. The project came with a very specific list of requirements and a specification folder, which we used to create precise and detailed blueprints to guide the construction process. Although we did not physically work on the construction site, we made sure that the designs were detailed enough to ensure a smooth and complication-free process. We also worked closely with DP World's appointed lead engineer to obtain approval for our designs, as well as those of other disciplines, at every step of the project.

Type and size of real estate

Industrial / 56.900 m2

Location and Date

Duhok, IRAQ / 2017

Project status



AutoCad, 3dsMax, Photoshop


My responsibilities in this project included:

  • Creating all the detailed blueprints of the designed project

  • Performing overlays between architectural and engineering projects, and coordinating with other teams to ensure compatibility and coordination

  • Leading the engineering team to ensure that the project met the required standards and was completed on time

  • As the Communication Coordinator, reviewing all emails before sending them to the customer and serving as a liaison between the international customer and the Turkish project team. This involved tasks such as translation and cross-cultural communication to ensure effective collaboration and smooth project delivery

  • Creating 3D designs for both the exterior and interior of the project


Through my work on this project, I honed valuable skills such as project management, including the ability to effectively manage tasks, timelines, and various stakeholders. Depending on the project's nature, I also developed technical skills, improved my communication abilities, problem-solving skills, and become more adept at working collaboratively as part of a team. The process of working on this project was thoroughly enjoyable and I consider it a significant milestone in my professional development.

  • The building has been awarded an ISO 14001 certification, which recognizes its commitment to environmental management and sustainability.