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TeBuru Grand Theatre

A project-proposal for the Grand Theatre of Tirana


TeBuru Grand Theatre was created in the frame of the university curriculum that included the project-proposal of a theatre. After analyzing all the data regarding social, cultural and economical activities of the area, I proposed TeBuru Grand Theatre serving as a multi-purpose building offering a wide variety of functions.

• Type and size of real estate: Multi-purpose theatre.

• Location and date: Tirana, Albania. June 2020.

• Softwares I used: PenUp, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino, Enscape.


My main goal was to create a theater located in one of the most panoramic areas of Tirana that would be able to fulfill the social and cultural necessities of the city, yet would also be equipped with a series of functions that would keep it functional and throughout the day and not only during the performances.

The design process.

Capturing the essence of the theatre as an entity used to tell stories, I found it quite similar to an other, simpler object, that of the table. So I began creating and modeling keeping in mind the image of a table with a tablecloth until the final design was finished.

Images of the design

Interior designs for Kontakt shpk

1 and 2 bedroom apartments part of Magnet and Mangalem21 Residences designed during January-February 2022

Interior design K-1

1 bedroom apartment

Interior design K-2

2 bedroom apartment

Interior design K-3

1 bedroom apartment.

Interior design K-4

2 bedroom apartment

Interior design K-5

2 bedroom apartment

Interior design K-6

2 bedroom apartment