Architecture portfolio

See what Archifolio can do for you and get inspired by this list of curated portfolio examples.

What do these architecture portfolio examples teach us?

In short: The importance of creating recruiter-friendly portfolios. If your current portfolio is up to par you should be able to answer yes to all these questions:

  • Can recruiters easily find what skills you have?
  • Is it obvious where your expertise lies?
  • Can they get a clear picture of your relevant work experience or your exposure to the industry?
  • Is everything in your portfolio easy to understand, read, and digest?

These architecture portfolio examples you’ve just seen keep the busy, coffee-fuelled recruiters in mind. Most offices get so many applications that snap decisions determine if your portfolio ends up in the yes pile or the trash. Therefore, it should be eye-catching, easily accessible, and authentic to you.

The examples above are just like that. They are straightforward, leading the reader right to the stars of a portfolio: the project pages. While a remarkable resume and a well-worded cover letter are good as gold, your collection of previous works will make or break your application.

All the architecture portfolio examples above were built with Archifolio, an insanely user-friendly portfolio builder tool. It helps architects and interior designers build a flexible portfolio that works on all devices, both as a website and as a PDF.

Speaking of which, the format of your portfolio can help you send the right message. For example, sending everything you’ve ever worked on as a messy 50 MB document makes you look scattered and unprepared.

Meanwhile, presenting a beautifully designed PDF or a carefully printed booklet in an interview shows that you pay attention to detail, and it may get you ahead of your competition. Furthermore, sending that brings them to a brilliant website with your work looks extremely sophisticated and professional. Good news! You can do both with Archifolio.

Here’s our magic recipe for a good combination of portfolio types.

  • It’s best practice to create a master portfolio with all of your work that you’re proud of. To avoid problems with file size limitations and to make it interactive, create it as a portfolio website.
  • The first portfolio you send should be like a teaser trailer. A taste of what you can do, in the form of an architecture work sample, a.k.a. a PDF document with three highly relevant projects.
  • Then, we recommend having an “interview” portfolio that showcases the relevant work experience you have in detail. This can be a website, a PDF, or even a printed booklet.

If you don’t want to spend time creating three different portfolio layouts –which we understand–, create your portfolio with Archifolio. Build a responsive website with stunning, customizable templates, and export certain projects as a PDF quickly and easily. You’ll find ideas on what to write about on your project page, and we give unlimited storage for your unlimited ideas.

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